Ball State University students will work as interns at this year’s conference. We’re very excited to introduce a new generation to Midwest Writers Workshop. Here’s what they’ll be doing.

2014 Social Media Tutors

Three interns will be working as social media tutors. You can schedule a 45-minute session (on Friday or Saturday) to discuss both the “how” and “why” of social media: for example, how to start a blog, or for the more advanced, how to increase the readership of your blog, as well as why you should use social media as a writer. If you’d like to sign up for one of these free sessions, you will get an email from MWW Director Jama Bigger explaining how to start that process.

Morgan Aprill is a junior English literature major pursuing minors in Spanish and professional writing at Ball State University. She currently works at the campus writing center as a tutor and is participating in a research fellowship as a writing fellow for Dr. Kuriscak’s Spanish composition classes. Morgan is particularly interested in the nuances of language and communication, reading and dissecting literature, and discussing and studying writing practices, among other language studies. Morgan was also a member of the editorial team for the Ball State English Department’s first undergraduate research journal, the Digital Literature Review. She plans to graduate in the spring of 2015 and pursue her interests in studies surrounding language, communication, and the transfer of knowledge.

Rianne Hall was born and raised in Columbus, Indiana, and recently graduated from Ball State University. Former editor of The Broken Plate, Rianne studied creative writing, interpersonal relations, and Medieval and Renaissance studies. She is currently seeking employment which will take advantage of her strong communication, writing, and editing skills. Between working two jobs, blogging, and playing with her attention-seeking cat, Rianne reads, writes, and collects cups. Her book and cup collections are getting out of hand fast.

Haley Muench was born in Noblesville, Indiana, and spent most of her childhood camping with her family and their horses. She attended Ball State University and graduated in 2014 with a degree in Creative Writing and two minors in Screenwriting and Women’s Studies. She is currently looking for a job that will combine her love of writing, social media, and her passion for social justice issues involving women. Haley is an avid reader of fiction, watcher of movies, tweeter of tweets, and slayer of (virtual) dragons. She currently lives in Muncie, Indiana.

2014 Agent Assistants

Five interns will be working as assistants to the agents. Before the conference, they will communicate with you to schedule pitches, and during the conference, they’ll keep time and make sure things run smoothly. If you signed up to pitch, you should be hearing from one of these interns soon.

Heather DiGiacomo is originally Northwest Indiana, and moved to Muncie to attend Ball State University in 2010. She entered the school as a psychology major but within the first few months switched to English Studies where her real passion was. She later added minors in Creative Writing and Literature. Heather worked as one of the poetry editors for the 2014 issue of Ball State’s literary magazine The Broken Plate. Heather just graduated this past May. She will be assisting agent Laura Biagi.

Jackson Eflin just graduated from Ball State University as a Creative Writing major. A Muncie native who never lost faith in his town, he’s glad to see all the Literary Events springing up around town. In writing and reading, Jackson likes magical realism, is a fan of those books that press your ears to the walls at the edge of reality, where it is thin enough to hear faeriesong and ghostsong, where imagination and wonder, blazing bright, makes the bricks hot to the touch. Jackson worked as the lead design editor for the 2014 issue of Ball State’s literary magazine The Broken Plate. He will be assisting agent Peter Knapp.

Sarah Hollowell is an undergraduate at Ball State University, pursuing a degree in English with a concentration in creative writing. She currently balances a part-time job with school, her blog, and the pursuit of good writing. Her interests include young adult novels, short stories, speculative fiction, and experimental writing. Along with reviewing books and reading her stories at you with her voice, she blogs about pretty much anything that she thinks other people should know or think about. She is a graduate of the 2009 and 2010 Alpha Young Writer’s Workshop for Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror. Her short story, “Mason Jars”, was published in The Broken Plate, and a very silly novella she wrote in elementary school was published when she was twelve. Sarah will be assisting agent Bridget Smith.

Brittany Means is a writer who has been published in Metazen Magazine and The Broken Plate. She reads and writes fiction, non-fiction, screenplays, and poetry. Brittany is a member of the editorial team for the Digital Literature Review. She is also the officer of the Ball State Writers’ Community. She is currently a junior at Ball State University majoring in English, with a concentration in creative writing and minors in film and screenwriting, and women’s and gender studies. Brittany will be assisting agent Beth Phelan.

Becca Wolfley was raised in the Kentuckiana area, and has split her time between the rural surroundings of New Washington and the Louisville night lights. She is currently studying advertising with minors in telecommunications and creative writing at Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana. She is employed by Ball State Unified Media as an advertising creative and is a summer intern for the Creative Alliance agency based in Louisville. She mostly enjoys writing poetry and short films, and intentionally making terrible puns. Becca will be assisting agent Katharine Sands.