We have arranged for informal contact with those key faculty members who can provide insight into the world of publishing as it exists today. These networking experiences, the manuscript evaluation scheme, the agent pitch sessions, the query letter critiques, the hands-on tutoring with social media, AND the class sessions will make the 2018 Midwest Writers Workshop, our 45th! – July 19-21, 2018 – a must for all writers.

We have continued the successful format of the past few years, with the workshop divided into two parts. Part I offers genre-specific Intensive Sessions. You may enroll in both parts, or choose just one.

Part II is filled to the brim with information on marketing and writing techniques that is valuable to writers of any genre. Participants in Part II also have the opportunity to send a 5-page manuscript to our Manuscript Evaluation Team, a 1-page query to the Query Letter Critique Team, or (free) consultations for social media or taxation for writers. And we’re also offering Professional Head Shots!

The 2018 MWW includes quality instruction by a faculty of authors, agents, editors, and specialists, plus the opportunity to meet other writers with similar interests.

The following MWW opportunities are exclusive to those registering for Part II (or both Parts).

MWW Extras include:

Buttonhole the Experts

Buttonhole the Experts is a casual face time with our authors/agents/editors/faculty and one of the biggest values of our conference, a tradition at MWW. We’ve expanded this fun activity into two Acts: Act I on Friday morning and Act II on Saturday morning. We have 30 or so tables in the banquet hall with an “expert” (our faculty members) at each one with seven participants who will chat informally with the expert for about 20 minutes. Then at the ring of a bell and it’s like musical chairs (or speed dating!). The seven at each table rise and head to another table of interest for another 20-minute chat. This process is repeated three times. In other words, everyone learns much about the various genres/topics from our experts.


Books about writing and by faculty authors will be on sale at the MWW-BSU Bookstore, which opens at 10:00 a.m. on Thursday, July 19 and accepts VISA and MasterCard payments.

MWW also provides a Consignment Bookstore for our published attendees. After you register, if you’re selling books on consignment, bring them to the Consignment Bookstore (located in the 2nd floor Music Lounge, beside the Registration Table). The MWW Consignment Bookstore is separate from MWW-BSU operated Bookstore.
  • Limit the number of books you bring to 10, although, if your 10 books sell out, you may replenish your supply.
  • Price your books at a round number (if possible), for example, $10, $15, $20.
  • When you check in, we will give you an inventory control slip to fill out and insert into each of your books. It will list the book title, author, selling price, and a number — 1 through 10.
  • You must pick up your books by 3:00 p.m. on Saturday. At that time, we will give you a receipt for the check to be mailed to you within two weeks for the amount of money your books earned, minus MWW’s 10% commission.

The Consignment Bookstore opens Thursday morning at noon. There is an established commission rate of 10%. You must pick up any remaining books before the workshop ends. Books left after the workshop ends will not be returned.

We also have a MWW Merchandise Store with sweatshirts, totes, and mugs.


Midwest Writers will award a limited number of scholarships for participation in Part II. Awards are based on financial need, interest and a writing sample of five pages. Scholarship applications must be postmarked on or before May 31, 2018. If you are applying for a Scholarship, click this link for the 2017 Scholarship application and mail it with a biographical letter (explaining your financial need) and 5-page (double-spaced) writing sample. Include your name, address, phone and email in upper left of your manuscript. Label your materials and envelope with name, address and “Scholarship Entry.”  Applicants will be notified in time to complete registration; unsuccessful applicants must re-register. Our workshop fills quickly. Participants can earn a scholarship once every five years.