($50 extra)

During the MWW Agent Fest Online 2020, our Query Letter Critique Team offers, for an additional fee of $50, the opportunity to meet for a 10-minute one-on-one consultation with an agent/editor to discuss your query letter AND the first page of your manuscript. Faculty on the Query Critique Team include:

  1. Jolene Haley
  2. Eric Myers
  3. Latoya Smith
  4. Alice Speilburg
  5. Cherry Weiner

Email (to midwestwriters@yahoo.com with your agent’s or editor’s name in the subject line) by November 6, 2020: One-page (single-spaced) query letter + first page of your manuscript (double-spaced).

The query letter is the time-honored tool for writers seeking publication. A query letter is a sales letter that attempts to persuade an editor or agent to request a full manuscript or proposal.

It’s your all-important first contact with an agent. It’s a one-page letter that explains who you are and what your book is about. Your query must be exceptional to get agents to request sample chapters for review. If your query letter is not up to snuff, agents will send a rejection rather than a request for more material.

For tips on queries, click on these links


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