Donors: Thank You!

Midwest Writers Workshop would not be possible without our community of writers, to whom we extend our deepest gratitude. When you donate or when you join The League of Literary Citizens as a recurring donor, you can help us build a vibrant, relevant writing community.

Every gift is appreciated, no matter how small.

We thank the following generous individuals for supporting us:

  • Brent Bill
  • Dana Brown
  • Matthew Clemens
  • Phil Dale
  • Jane Friedman
  • Jack Heffron
  • Virginia Higgins
  • Susan Holloway
  • Kris McAllister
  • Michael McClure
  • Michelle McGill-Vargas
  • Judith Pratt
  • Cliff Protzman
  • Sherry Stanfa-Stanley
  • Kelly Stanley
  • Mia Sullivan
  • James Taborn
  • Stephen Terrell
  • James Webb
  • Gail Werner

The League of Literary Citizens:

  • Wendy Beckman
  • Jama Kehoe Bigger
  • Julie Tuttle Davis
  • Janella Fila
  • Angela Jackson-Brown
  • Leah Lederman
  • Loretta Polaski
  • Kelsey Timmerman
  • Lisa Wheeler

It’s 2023, and we are celebrating 50 years of our fabulous writing community! To help sustain MWW for more years, please consider donating. Recurring gifts (monthly or annually) are the best way to ensure MWW is able to continue to support and inspire writers of all genres and skill levels for years to come.

But, a one-time gift is always appreciated as well! Your support helps to provide:

  • Education and professional development for writers at all levels of expertise
  • Scholarships for aspiring writers
  • A platform for writers to share their work and expand their audiences
  • Vital opportunities for building community and connections with other writers
  • A thriving literary community

But it also helps us:

  • Pay honoraria and travel for nationally known faculty
  • Create and share accessible programming via Zoom
  • Bring agents, editors, and other literary professionals to you for one-on-one meetings
  • Host our database, run our website, and beam our smiling faces into your living rooms

Thank You for Supporting 50 Years of Writing Community!

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