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Midwest Writers Workshop was formed in the belief that aspiring writers had specific needs for knowledge and inspiration to help them become published authors. MWW seeks to fulfill these needs and remain a leading source for aspiring writers. Through our summer workshop and other programs throughout the year, MWW is especially focused on providing quality instruction and building community support among writers.

Midwest Writers continues to be relevant and innovative, offering more value and better serving the writing community through our outreach and effectiveness and use of resources. To that end, Midwest Writers now introduces:


MWW Writing Services connects writers to trained experts in the field to help them to improve their writing with relationship-based, craft-centered guidance. The Manuscript Evaluation opportunity during our summer workshops has been so popular over the years that we wanted to develop this online connection.

MWW Writing Services will help writers in fiction genres (general, literary, mystery, thrillers, young adult, middle grade, women’s, etc.), and nonfiction, as well as query letters and synopses.

Check here for our evaluators and price structures.


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