($35 extra)

Send us up to five pages plus a one-page synopsis of a manuscript, completed or in progress. (Sorry, no screenwriting or plays accepted.) All submissions should be typed and double-spaced. The synopsis should detail your work from beginning to end. Synopses may be single-spaced. This opportunity is available only if you are registered for Part II and will be onsite Friday and Saturday. The $35 fee covers a 15-minute appointment with a member of the Manuscript Evaluation Team who has read your work before the appointment. Because of time constraints, each member of the Manuscript Evaluation Team will evaluate a limited number of manuscripts. Manuscripts will be accepted on a “first-come” basis and no manuscript will be accepted for this program after June 17, 2017. LABEL ALL MATERIALS: (LEFT CORNER: your name, address, phone, email; RIGHT CORNER: Manuscript Evaluator’s name; double-space manuscripts). Mail manuscript to: Jama Bigger (Midwest Writers Workshop), 2106  N. Colson Drive, Muncie, IN 47304.

2017 Manuscript Evaluation Team members:

  • Jess Lourey (10 fiction manuscripts)
  • Mike Mullin (5 YA and MG manuscripts)
  • Mardi Jo Link (10 nonfiction manuscripts)
  • Nina Sadowsky (10 fiction manuscripts)
  • Brenda Drake (10 fiction manuscripts)
  • Amy Reichert (10 women’s fiction manuscripts)
  • Rena Olsen (10 fiction manuscripts)
  • Melissa Marino (10 women’s fiction manuscripts)
  • Matthew Clemens (10 fiction manuscripts)
  • Ruth McNally Barshaw (7 children’s manuscripts)
  • Dee Romito (5 MG manuscripts)
  • Roseanne Wells (5 manuscripts)
  • Jessica Sinsheimer (10 manuscripts)
  • Monica Odom (10 manuscripts)
  • Eric Smith (5 manuscripts)
  • Terri Bischoff (5 fiction manuscripts)
  • Jessica Strawser (10 nonfiction manuscripts)

The Team Member will determine the day/time of each conference. Schedules will be emailed prior to the conference and posted by the Registration Table.