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Bookkeeping for Writers Who Hate Numbers

Do you hate numbers? Is Bookkeeping Ugh?

If you answered YES, then this MWW Ongoing course is for you!

Writers are word people who usually hate numbers and bookkeeping, but regular bookkeeping is a guarantee of business success (Carol shows you the study to prove it). Author and accountant Carol Topp will share with you tips and tools to make record keeping easier. You don’t need complicated expensive software or a bookkeeper to be a successful writer. Carol will show you how real authors keep their records that are easy to maintain and delight their accountants.

In this course you will learn:

  • Bookkeeping hacks and tips
  • Free spreadsheets for easy record keeping
  • When to use software
  • What software choices are best for you
  • Specific challenges that face authors in their business record keeping (inventory, sales tax, etc.)
  • How to manage sales tax

This course is for writers who have started earning money from their work or book sales and need to learn how to keep their business records simply and easily so they can get back to writing! This is professional advice from a CPA and author at a great rate!

Format: Two instructional videos (about 30-45 minutes each) that you can watch on your own time, at your own convenience. Once you have registered, the entire course will be available to you until December 31, 2018, to access at any time you wish. Plus, downloadable pdfs of handouts of the PowerPoint slides.

Part One: 

  • How good records leads to business success
  • What information to record
  • Explanation of inventory tracking, tax deductions, bookkeeping hacks and tips
  • What software choices are best for you.

Part Two:

  • Specific challenges that face authors in their business record keeping
  • Inventory, sales, mileage, paying others
  • How to manage sales tax.

Students will have instant access to the videos (until December 31, 2018) once they register, as well as to a private Facebook group (MWW + Bookkeeping for Writers) or Facebook live session to ask questions of the presenter.

About the Instructor

Carol Topp, CPA is an author and Certified Public Accountant. Carol’s fourteen books have been both self-published and traditionally published. She advises writers on starting a business and running it successfully. She is the author of Business Tips and Taxes for Writers and contributing author to Writers Market and the Writer’s Digest Guide to Indie Publishing. Her website is

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