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Faculty Testimonials

The Midwest Writer’s Workshop was not only well-organized, but it was a lot of fun! The writers were all so enthusiastic and willing to ask questions, which I love because that’s what I’m there for. I would definitely come back, if they’d have me, of course.  Joanna Stampfel-Volpe, Agent, Nancy Coffey Literary & Media Representation

It was a joy for me to be on the faculty of the 2006 Midwest Writers Workshop. This expertly-managed event was located in a stunning facility and offered a broad spectrum of helps to both professional and aspiring writers. I should have come when I was just starting out. — Susan Meissner, inspirational fiction author

Midwest Writers Workshop is by far the friendliest conference I’ve ever taken part in. The open environment and gracious organizers ensure that every writer arrives feeling welcomed and leaves feeling inspired. The instructors there genuinely care about the attendees and go the extra mile to help someone in need. I wish every writer could enjoy the heart-felt support and expert instruction that this event offers.Jane Friedman, past Executive Editor, Writer’s Digest Books

I learned as much outside of the sessions as I did attending formal presentations. There were so many talented folks in attendance that even in the most informal of settings, I was learning something. I have suggested to my students that they seriously consider attending next year’s Midwest Writer’s Workshop. It ranks among the best writing conferences I have ever attended. Peter J. Welling, author & illustrator of children’s books

The Midwest Writers Workshop is one of the best organized conferences that I have had the pleasure of working with. Jama Bigger and her crew of volunteers kept the flow going and included some wonderfully unique events that kept the attendees and the faculty entertained throughout the event.  — Gordon Kirkland, humor author

Alumni Testimonials

I found the Midwest Writers Workshop team to be encouraging and welcoming. While I’ve attended larger writing conferences, MWW is the one I have found most helpful and to which I have returned. I benefited from the 2010 conference by meeting the agent I later signed with and by interacting with and learning from respected faculty. I also made helpful connections and was honored with a Manny Award. Finally, I have made friends with other writers on the publishing journey, and that has made my life richer. — Lori Lowe, Indianapolis, IN

The 2010 MWW was a wonderful experience. It was my first writing conference and far exceeded my expectations. The hands-on programs were outstanding. Like a brisk morning walk, they stimulated your writing and inspired you to do more. The sessions on the business of writing were enlightening and full of practical advice. But for me, the most important aspect of the conference was the incredible networking opportunity it provided. The speakers were very accessible and willing to spend time between sessions talking with aspiring writers. Over coffee or just stepping outside for some fresh air, fellow writers shared their trials and triumphs, dark moments and inspirations. I was able to meet and establish relationships with fellow writers from around the Midwest and beyond, and those relationships are now growing into a writers’ circle. I also developed relationships with several speakers with whom I have stayed in contact. In the long run, it is those relationships that the Midwest Writers Workshop facilitated which will endure throughout the year — until I can make it back for the next Midwest Writers Workshop in 2011. – Steve Terrell, Camby, IN

The Midwest Writers Workshop was the perfect place for a beginner to learn the trade as well as the ins and outs of the publishing world. Whether you are new to the writing world like myself, or have been writing and publishing books for years, I strongly urge you to put the Midwest Writers Workshop on your calendar for next year. The biggest mistake attendees made was not attending the Intensive Workshops.  The wealth of information learned more than paid for the workshop itself. In addition to the over forty different classes offered, participants are allowed to bring five pages for evaluations with a respected author, agent, or publisher. If you happen to have a manuscript finished and ready for pitching, there were four agents on hand in which to pitch. The Midwest Writers Workshop is an informative workshop no matter which genre you are currently writing in, even if you do freelance writing for magazines. Muncie, Indiana is the home state for the workshop located in the Ball State University Alumni Center with easy access to classes. Next year’s workshop is already on my calendar. — Robin Olson

The conference was an excellent experience, well worth the trip from Kansas. Because of the Thursday intensive sessions and my manuscript meeting during Part II, I have a novel that seemed destined for trunkdom back on track. Terri Coop

This is the workshop I mark on my calendar each year. It’s intimate, informative and reasonably priced. The accessibility of the faculty to help with problems or to give advice is second to none. The intensive class sessions provide a treasure trove of ideas and information. The agent pitch sessions are extremely popular and give writers a real-life look at the business side of writing. To find out how great this workshop was – just ask any attendee. J. D. Webb, author of mysteries

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