2024 has entered the building!

MWW E-pistle

Happy New Year, writers!

What does 2024 hold in store for you?

The truth is, we don’t know. The next great change in our life is always lurking right around the corner and there’s no telling what, why, or when.*

But we’re not just pinballing through life. It’s up to us to take the reins and point ourselves in the direction of our goal–to reeeeach for them, if you caught the last e-pistle.

What will be your focus this year? Do you have one big goal, or several smaller ones? Take the time to write them down to refer back to as the months go flying by (because they always do, don’t they? I’m already preparing 2025’s New Year’s e-pistle so I don’t fall behind!).

Maybe give 2024 a theme, even just a single word to anchor you. Try “connection,” “transformation,” “vulnerability.” You’ll know yours when you find it.

Whatever your goals, I hope you’ll take Midwest Writers Workshop along with you. *Our* goal is to help you reach your writing successes. To that end, we’re getting our year set up with programming that will see you along every step of your writing way. Reach out to us at any point for questions, comments, or concerns, and as always, to share your successes with us. You’re the reason we’re here.

*This is true for everyone, of course, but one of the many benefits of being writers is that we can use these things as fodder for our stories!

Reach towards your 2024 writing goals (and beyond!) with our online masterclass with Jane Friedman,

March 23rd.


Jane Friedman’s virtual one-day seminar, “From Anxious to Savvy: How Every Author Can Build a Lifetime Book Marketing Strategy” is Saturday, March 23rd.

No matter how you plan to publish, or what you publish, every author must give some thought to marketing themselves as an author. But given how fast tools and techniques change—and how hard it is to attract attention—how can an author figure out what’s worthwhile to focus on?

This masterclass helps authors focus on the foundational elements that are most important to career-long book marketing, the bare minimum required for an online presence, and how to approach marketing when many of the traditional methods of publicity don’t work so well, given dwindling media coverage and review opportunities. This session will provide a framework for developing a strategy and approach that’s appropriate for your strengths and your work.

Can’t attend the sessions live? No problem. MWW is offering archival video access for three months to ALL registered attendees.

Head over to our website and REGISTER NOW. Early Bird Registration of $79 ends January 31st.

And there’s MORE!

#MWW24 conference: July 11-13

Agent Fest 2024: November (dates TBA)

MWW Writing Services: for manuscript help

We’re here for you!

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