Congratulations to our #MWW24 Scholarship Recipients!

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What a Thrill!

Every year, generous donors provide scholarships to our summer conference to individuals who might not be able to attend otherwise. This year we were able to offer FIVE scholarships! Our wholehearted thanks to those individuals who made this possible for five writers, and a thank you to the magnificent pool of talent from all those who applied. The scholarship selection process was not an easy one!

Our Scholarships and Their Recipients

The Earl Conn Scholarship was made available by our board member, J.D. Webb, who wanted to share the legacy of Earl Conn. J.D. says, “Attending my first Midwest Writers Workshop in 2003, I was not even sure I could actually put words on a page that anyone would be interested in reading. I met Earl Conn, Chair of the Journalism Department at Ball State University and one of the founders of the Midwest Writers Workshop. I can still hear his deep resonating voice telling me I had talent generously spending time with a raw, unpublished author. My seventh novel is about to be published, three of which we re first presented for critique at MWW. Last year I initiated a scholarship to honor Earl Conn and presented another this year.”

Awarded to Dodie Miller-Gould

The Jama Kehoe Bigger Scholarship was offered in recognition of a tireless cheerleader of writers and MWW director of twenty-five years. Jama Kehoe Bigger asked that this scholarship be available to a college student who wished to advance–or begin–their writing career because she was a college student when she started with MWW.

Awarded to Emily Loney

The MWW Alumni Scholarship was provided by a successful MWW Alum who remembers having to scrape together pennies to attend their first MWW conference. They ended up an award-winning author of over a dozen novels and over five dozen short stories, in addition to some nonfiction work. Their sole purpose in funding this scholarship was to provide a fighting chance for a beginning writer to jump-start their writing career with the community and support provided by Midwest Writers.

Awarded to Emmie Rankin

The R. Karl Largent Scholarship was offered in remembrance of long-time and popular committee member, R. Karl Largent, who passed in 2003. A success in the business world (Vice President of Marketing for a Fortune 500 company), R. Karl Largent attended his first Midwest Writers Workshop in the 1980s because he wanted to learn how to craft a novel. He went on to publish more than 25 novels, six non-fiction books, and over six hundred columns. Karl taught more than 3,000 writing hopefuls and was one of the most popular of all MWW instructors and writers-in-residence. His thorough and helpful critiques of student works stamped him as a favorite of aspiring writers along with his easy-going, friendly personality. “No one can possibly replace Karl,” said Jama Bigger, former MWW director, “but we remember him and perpetuate his legacy through this writing award.” From student to author to teacher at MWW, Karl not only wrote extensively, he mentored those who sought to follow in his footsteps. In doing so, he left an indelible mark on this conference.

Awarded to Rachel Calderone

The Society for Excellent Hawaiian Shirts Scholarship is dedicated to a college student who wishes to attend #MWW24 to advance–or begin–their writing career. It is not required that they wear an Excellent Hawaiian Shirt to the conference, but that would be pretty awesome (in fact, we all should!).

Awarded to Laura Moseley

Thanks again to our donors, our applicants, and our recipients!

It is a testimony to the Midwest Writers Workshop community that so many of our alumni would be eager to provide these opportunities to other MWW attendees. We are humbled by their generosity.

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