Survey for MWW Alumni


MWWers in action!

As we prepare for our 40th Midwest Writers Workshop, we’re looking for writers who admit “I Got My Start at MWW” or who say “Attending MWW Made a Difference in My Writing Career.”

We want to celebrate YOU and YOUR writing!

(1) When did you attend MWW? Have you come more than once? If so, how many times?

(2) What piece of information was most helpful to you? What faculty member had the most influence on you?

(3) How were you different after attending MWW? What changed for you? What is it you like about this conference?

(4) Have you had a book published since being at MWW? If so, please send us the publication information.

(5) Would you be willing to write a testimonial right now that we can use for publicity purposes? (We only need about three sentences-and you’re giving us permission to use it by sending us this.)

(6) Please share: your website address, blog address, Twitter handle, Facebook info.

(7) Are you planning to attend MWW, our 40th anniversary celebration, in summer 2013?

Send us an email!

We are writers and love our research. We are not sure what we will do with this information. We aren’t looking for your responses to rival “War and Peace.” No need to answer every question. Just jot down your ideas and send them.

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