Top 10 Reasons You Should Sign up for Social Media Tutoring at Midwest Writers

Top 10 Reasons You Should Sign up for Social Media Tutoring at Midwest Writers

by Cathy Day

All MWW13 attendees are eligible for a free, 50-minute Social Media Tutoring Session.

Here’s why you should sign up:

  1. It’s absolutely free. FREE!

  2. No other writers’ conference offers a Social Media Lab with hands-on assistance. (If I’m wrong about this, please let me know.)

  3. As a writer, you are the owner of a small business called being yourself.

  4. As a professional-type person, it’s your responsibility to educate yourself about technology.

  5. Since technology is constantly changing, this means that that process of educating yourself will never stop happening.

  6. There’s no point in whining about this. Besides, learning new things is actually kind of fun.

  7. If you sign up, you’ll be helping a young person get real-world experience, which is part of the mission of Ball State University.

  8. I applied for a grant from the Discovery Group in Muncie to hire this highly skilled group of Ball State students as interns. Don’t feel guilty about pumping them for knowledge. They’re getting paid!

  9. The tutors will leave the session feeling empowered: “Hey! This stuff I do for fun can actually be useful and help people!”

  10. You will leave the session feeling empowered: “Hey! Look who’s walking around with a bit more swagger? Me.”

So if you’re coming to Midwest Writers Workshop 2013, sign up!


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