Registration Opens Friday for MWW’s Online Masterclass with Jane Friedman

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Registration Opens Friday, December 2

Midwest Writers Workshop is delighted to announce our event with the formidable Jane Friedman this coming spring! On March 23, join us for her online masterclass “From Anxious to Savvy: How Every Author Can Build a Lifetime Book Marketing Foundation.”

About Jane

Anytime a writer asks me anything about book marketing or publishing, the first thing I do is direct them to the Jane Friedman. Her website is chock-full of resources for writers, from detailed articles on pertinent writing and publishing topics, to affordable classes by impressive faculty. There’s so much more–you have to check it out! Oh, and make sure you subscribe to her newsletter, Electric Speed, for nuggets of wisdom on writing and life, plus lots of other fun things!

Jane is the go-to source on The Business of Being a Writer <– (she wrote the book on it!). She hails from the Midwest and has been kind enough to work with MWW for over 15 years. This spring’s masterclass focuses on developing a strategy and approach towards marketing yourself as an author, online and in person. Writers of all levels will benefit from the information she has to share.

About the Class

This masterclass helps authors focus on the foundational elements that are most important to career-long book marketing, the bare minimum required for an online presence, and how to approach marketing when many of the traditional methods of publicity don’t work so well, given dwindling media coverage and review opportunities. This session will provide a framework for developing a strategy and approach that’s appropriate for your strengths and your work.

You’ll learn key principles for using your website, email newsletter (or Substack or blog), and a dash of social media to better reach and engage readers, both new and old. Plus we’ll consider offline or in-real-life opportunities to grow your readership through collaborations, partnerships, and literary citizenship.

Jane’s presentations are a deluge of information but she provides practical, actionable steps for you to follow, and each class includes a robust Q&A. If you aren’t able to attend live, you’ll have access to the recording for ninety days after the event.

Register by January 31 to get the early-bird discount!

Previous Attendees Weigh in

Last year, Jane presented the “Magical Marketing Trifecta” about curating an online presence. Here’s what they had to say:

“Jane Friedman’s advice on how to prioritize your writing life was excellent and helpful. Write and publish first! Then comes her trifecta of marketing — author website, email newsletter, and one place to regularly show up on social media. I appreciate Midwest Writer’s Workshop for providing such a helpful virtual event with the opportunity to re-watch the sessions later. Great value for time and money spent.” — Carol Michel

“Marketing Trifecta was incredibly informative and inspirational. I’m a reluctant marketeer and asocial social media person, but this workshop gave me practical tools and strategies to help me build and expand my online author presence. Huge thank you to Jane Friedman and MWW!!”

“Jane Friedman unraveled the spider web of marketing. The concept of establishing a platform requires a plan. Jane transferred the web to stepping stones.”

MWW is dedicated to building a community where writers can network with others and grow.


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