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About the Class

This masterclass, “From Anxious to Savvy: How Every Author Can Build a Lifetime Book Marketing Foundation,” helps authors focus on the foundational elements that are most important to career-long book marketing, the bare minimum required for an online presence, and how to approach marketing when many of the traditional methods of publicity don’t work so well, given dwindling media coverage and review opportunities. This session will provide a framework for developing a strategy and approach that’s appropriate for your strengths and your work.

You’ll learn key principles for using your website, email newsletter (or Substack or blog), and a dash of social media to better reach and engage readers, both new and old. Plus we’ll consider offline or in-real-life opportunities to grow your readership through collaborations, partnerships, and literary citizenship.

Jane’s presentations are a deluge of information but she provides practical, actionable steps for you to follow, and each class includes a robust Q&A. If you aren’t able to attend live, you’ll have access to the recording for ninety days after the event.

“From Anxious to Savvy: How Every Writer can Build a Lifetime Marketing Foundation”
Saturday March 23, 2024
10:30am EST – noon; 1:30 – 3:00pm EST

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Can’t attend the sessions live? No problem.
MWW is offering archival video access for three months to ALL registered attendees.

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About Jane

With 25 years’ experience in the publishing industry, Jane Friedman is the go-to authority on business strategy for authors and publishers. Check out her list of affordable and stellar classes with impressive faculty, and her newsletters Electric Speed and (paid) The Hot Sheet which provide guidance and advice for authors. Also make sure that her book, The Business of Being a Writer, is a reference book on your shelf.

MWW has been fortunate in hosting Jane–a Midwesterner herself–at workshops like these and our summer conferences for over fifteen years. We hope you take advantage of these opportunities to learn from the best. Writers of all levels will benefit from the information she has to share.

From Previous Attendees:

What they loved about Jane’s seminars with Midwest Writers Workshop:

  • Jane’s professionalism, expertise, honesty, insight, and intellect!
  • Jane was extremely prepared, well spoken, and clear in her presentation and answers.
  • Jane is so organized, knowledgeable and up-to-date on the world of publishing.
  • Jane Friedman’s vast knowledge and low-key style.
  • Jane is clearly an exceptional resource for this guidance. I really enjoyed her confident take on this content, and the very practical implementation opportunities…things I can do right away.
  • I’ve been in other webinars with Jane Friedman, and it’s always a useful and informative experience. She is a great presenter, well-prepared and does an excellent job of sorting through questions from participants.
  • Jane is a “fount” of information. Anything she offers is worthwhile. She has deep understanding of the publishing business and I always learn something from her.
  • Jane is so energizing.
  • I try to follow Jane Friedman in all she presents. She is always excellent.
  • When asked “What was your favorite thing about this online workshop?” my answer was “Jane!”
  • Jane Friedman rocks — she has the goods, she shares them generously, and she’s genuine. 
  • Jane gives real value for practical application on a smooth-running Zoom platform. She is expert and professional in her delivery while making the class feel like an informal one on one conversation. I’ve attended several of her classes and she is best in the business for online training.
  • Jane Friedman gives great value in that she is extremely well-versed in the entire publishing field and very much on the side of writers who need to get the word out about their books. 
  • Jane Friedman is consistently excellent. She is clear, concise, always considerate and personal in her responses to attendees. Janes’ presentations are always worth my time. 
  • I appreciate Midwest Writers Workshop for providing such a helpful virtual event with the opportunity to re-watch the sessions later. Great value for time and money spent.

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Registration Opens Friday for MWW’s Online Masterclass with Jane Friedman
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