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MWW Virtual Seminar: Getting Published Masterclass: Traditional, Self, Hybrid, and More with Jane Friedman

Saturday, March 11, 2023

Session One: 10:30 am to 12:00 pm EST

Session Two: 1:30 pm to 3:00 pm EST

Cost: $99 

Can’t attend the sessions live? No problem. MWW is offering archival video access for three months to ALL registered attendees.

In this masterclass with publishing industry expert Jane Friedman, you’ll learn not just the foundational principles of getting a book published, but gain up-to-date insight into the changing landscape of the publishing industry, and how you can navigate your own path toward success. You’ll discover what it takes to capture the attention of a New York publisher or literary agent (whether you write fiction or nonfiction) and how to determine if self-publishing, hybrid publishing or online-only options (e.g., Substack, Vella, Wattpad) is the most appropriate path for your next project.

This class will cover the following:

  • How and when to submit your work for consideration. Fiction and nonfiction differ in how they are pitched and submitted to agents and publishers. For fiction, a one-page query letter is typically used; for nonfiction, a proposal may need to be prepared. Learn how to avoid problems that plague (and sabotage) writers at the beginning stages of submission.
  • Whether you need an agent—who they are and what they do. You’ll learn what the standard agenting practices are and why you might want one—and how to make sure you don’t get involved with a bad one.
  • Researching markets (agents and editors) for your work. We’ll look at the major tools and resources for identifying the right agent or publisher for you.
  • Explore traditional publishing options outside of New York. The world of independent publishers—including university presses, small presses, and regional presses—is vast and can sometimes be more challenging to understand than New York publishing, as they all operate a bit differently. Learn how to assess the strength and position of any book publisher.
  • How to decide if you or your book is well-suited to self-publishing—plus the major self-publishing services available, and how to choose the best channels, formats, and distributors based on your target audience and genre.
  • Learn how to decipher “hybrid” publishing arrangements, now available alongside the key forms of self-publishing and e-publishing practiced today.
  • Consider digital-only forms of publication. Could serialization work for you? Do you like the idea of experimenting with your next work? Learn about popular platforms such as Substack, Vella, and Wattpd.

This masterclass offers a 360-degree view of the business of publishing, with an unbiased look at both traditional and self-publishing, including when you should do it, and—if you do—how to be effective in your efforts, without damaging your credibility or investing more time and money than you should.

About the instructor

Jane Friedman has spent nearly 25 years working in the book publishing industry, with a focus on author education and trend reporting. She is the editor of The Hot Sheet, the essential publishing industry newsletter for authors, which was named 2020 Media Outlet of the Year by Digital Book World. Her latest book is THE BUSINESS OF BEING A WRITER (University of Chicago Press), which received a starred review from Library Journal. In addition to serving on grant panels for the National Endowment for the Arts and the Creative Work Fund, she works with organizations such as The Authors Guild to bring transparency to the business of publishing. Learn more at


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